At Lettman’s delivery we provide free estimates and transparent pricing. we provide single item pick-up up to a full trailer. Pricing is predicated on what proportion you would like for us to haul away.

Junk Removal Services

Pricing Notes

We move home items both big and little, but the price varies counting on the dimensions. Because load sizes vary, we provide a couple of different price points to accommodate items of all types.

  • The guaranteed price we offer includes labor and any fees associated with travel, transport, and disposal or recycling.
  • When we take items to donate on your behalf, we send you a tax-deductible receipt to credit you for your donation.

Heavier, High Volume Hauls

Certain items require more labor and tools to lift. Because of this, appliances, hot tubs, construction debris (bricks, and tiles), and other heavy items can only be accommodated in certain amounts. These loads are very heavy and our trucks can only hold so much, So we price these items by volume.

Any Questions?

Do you have a particular item you need Lettman to haul away? Are you looking to move or do a large-scale cleanout? If you’re unsure of what the cost will be, feel free to reach out anytime. Our licensed, fully insured team can be contacted online or by phone at (929) 351-8592